Successful and driven to succeed, Shashicka Tyre-Hill should not be here. Her life was no fairy tale. As a child, she grew up in an environment where she often witnessed emotional and physical abuse, which soon led her to become a young mother and high school dropout at the age of fifteen. But deep inside, Shashicka knew that God had greater plans for her. Turning her pain into a purpose, Ms. Hill set out to do what God intended for her to do; inspire people.


In 2002, Shashicka took less than seven hundred and fifty dollars and started her journey as an entrepreneur and has launched several successful businesses. To date, Ms. Hill is one the country’s top motivational speakers and business success coaches. Her desire to help others find their passion, follow their dreams and live their lives with purpose has become her personal mission.


Penning her award-winning memoir ‘Blessings & Miracles’, Shashicka shares her life story to encourage others. Knowing that if she could transform her life from being a teen mother and high school dropout, then anyone can. Pouring her heart out on each page as she crafted her memoir, Ms. Hill began to think of other ways to uplift others. With her newly released book, Miracles of Success: Fourteen Diamonds to Help You Dream, Jump and Fly Higher.

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