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Business Coaching

How I think about business: 
People first, systems second. Brands built on passion.
I see every business as an ecosystem - a living thing made up of people and processes. My goal is to help you get all of the components working together seamlessly.

I know how important it is to create a usable, scalable business. And I also know that systems aren't the solution - they are the destination.

I will help you discover - or rediscover - your passion for what you do and build a business around that which serves your life, and enriches the lives of your employees and your customers at the same time.
Discover the real purpose of your business and stand for it.

Learn how to:

1. Create a culture that inspires people to bring all of who they are.
2. Get organized to make room for critical visioning and strategic work.
3. Get clear about your goals and start leading toward them.

Strikes the right balance between innovation and discipline.

Learn how to:

1. Develop a recruiting system that attracts the right kind of people with the right skills.
2. Create the hard and soft systems for all your business functions.
3. Learn how to delegate projects knowing you can trust to deliver the results.

Understand how money is moving throughout your business.

Learn how to:

1. Create a cash plan and budget that's tied to your long term vision.
2. Discover and fix the hidden leaks in your money systems.
3. Build real time analytics so you can adjust to changing conditions.

Make the emotional connection to your customers.

Learn how to:

1. Develop the unique brand commitment that will set you apart.
2. Get clear on who your core market is and why they should trust you.
3. Identify the key metrics that will allow you to track your brand in real time.

Create a system for outreach that amplifies your message without diluting your brand.

Learn how to:

1. Develop a strategy that uses the right channels for your product.
2. Find creative new ways to allow new customers to find you.
3. Really evaluate the right timing for when to use social media, web marketing and PR.

Turn your value proposition into a repeatable process that you are proud of.

Learn how to:

1. Build a sales culture that focuses on 'need conversion' rather than lead conversion.
2. Create a process that answers the question "Why should people want
to buy from you?"
3. Discover the place where your sales pipeline is leaking and get it fixed.

Systematize a way of doing business where the customer actually comes first.

Learn how to:

1. Evaluate and fix your customers 'touch points' before you disappoint a customer.
2. Over-deliver on experience- have them coming back because of how you do it.
3. Create systems that empower employees to treat people as well as you would.

A proven process.

  • An Experienced Coach: Two meetings per month via phone or web meeting
  • Free Business Analysis
  • Guided Learning
  • Key Management Tools
  • Create Your Systems Library
  • Connect with Your Peers
  • Full Platform Access


put off what you

can do TODAY for tomorrow, because TOMORROW

might be too


Sign-Up For Business Coaching:

Congratulations on taking the first step towards having a successful business. I’m here to help. I offer single sessions that includes a one-hour phone consultation or email conversation to cover the topic of your choice. Topics can include Finding Your Passion, The 7 Dynamics, How to Start and Maintain a Business or Non-profit Organization, How to be Business Debt Free and the Miracles of Success.
As a part of my coaching sessions, you will have weekly activities that will include homework, So sign up today to get your first homework assignment and start date for coaching. 
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