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motivational speaking

My Mission:
As a motivational speaker, I believe that figuring out what to do is not half as important as figuring out who you are. I encourage people to think about what they stand for and what they believe so that they can define their personal mission. Then, I help people discover who they are, and work with them to unleash their passion, and connect them to the power, purpose and pride in what they do. My goal is to help people see how their life impacts the world in ways they can never see and to help them realize that their life is a true mission that they must embrace with a passion that lasts longer than just a few hours. I will explain that we were all created with great divine intention. No one is a mistake and it's never too late to start over. Inside everyone lies greatness and purpose.

My Purpose:
I want to come to your group, through your hallways, and onto your stage, as a fireball of energy and encouragement and truth, and yes, with humor...and presenting myself hilariously broken, with a plus-sized passion. Through my story, your team will see that they are stronger than they think they are. I will show your team how to have vision so they can see where they're going and believe in what they stand for. We will talk about setting goals and making actual commitments so that action can be taken over talk. My presentation is designed to encourage people, especially women and men who are at a point where they may want to give up. I want to help people find the courage in themselves to be what they want to be, not who they think they are supposed to be. I want to give permission to people to dream and jump and fly high, even if a person realizes that their wings are tarnished. That's okay. Because I will teach how you can still dance, and dream and fly -- even if our wings are crooked. And I will help people through the discovery that they may not be what they hoped they would be, they are in fact something better. Therein lies the true joy and the true peace of a life well lived. God blesses even the crooked wings.
Shashicka Tyre Hill Houston, Texas
My Passion:
Sharing myself is something that I really want to do because sometimes the best way to teach and show people what they can do is to through your own testimony. So, that is what I will do. I want to share myself on a real level. Hilariously broken. Arms thrown out. Willing to give all that I've got. It doesn't matter to me. If it will help someone else to grow, I'm willing to look stupid, willing to admit that I don't have all the answers, but that I have the courage to ask the right questions. I am willing to be fearless. My prayer is that my testimony will be a light for all who cross my path. My hope is that when people hear my story, they won't see just me, they will see something much bigger.

My Goal:
In the end, what I really want to do is love on people and through my presentation and the sharing of my story show what grace and forgiveness looks like. I'm willing to do whatever it takes: holding someone's hand in a quiet hallway, or crying with someone as they have their breakthrough. And, I want to laugh with them till our sides ache. I want to challenge, make people think, and help them to dream. I want to teach that we don't need to play it safe nor blend in. We can all walk through life strong, breaking glass and knocking through walls -- whatever we have to do to get to our truth. In my presentation, nothing will be censored, I won't stay in a box. This won't be a typical presentation. I'm not trying to be comfortable nor complacent. I won't be just going through the motions. I live my life on full speed, giving it everything that I have until I have nothing left. That's the way I will present myself to you. And I will do this all in a way that brings God glory and explains the hope that is within me - and allows you to see past my weaknesses, faults, and opinions, to the love and grace and genuine desire to bring you humor and hope.This is what I believe. This is who I am. This is my mission.

The saddest thing is not living a life without gifts – but living a life with gifts that you never opened. Sometimes you have to let go of good enough, in order to make way for something wonderful
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